Gender and Populism

Speaker: Hilde Coffe (University of Bath), and Ov Cristian Norocel (Lund University) While the research on populism has blossomed, its intersection with gender is still in its infancy. Only recently, studies started to scrutinise the gender dimension of populist (racial right) parties’ politics. Understanding this dimension has substantial implications. Who votes for populist parties cannot… Read More »Gender and Populism

New Perspectives on Populist Success

Speaker: Noam Gidron (Hebrew University) and Elena Baro (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) Besides defining populism, the field has mostly tried to understand why citizens vote for populist parties. Explanations include parties’ ideological positions, party competition but also individual-level explanations such as attitudes on representation, sociodemographic factors, and issue salience. This session provides new… Read More »New Perspectives on Populist Success

Mainstreaming Populism

Speaker: Laura Jacobs (Université Libre de Bruxelles) and Miku Matsunaga (University of Tokyo) The direct effects of populist parties’ government participation have been in the centre of scholars attention. Much less attention has been devoted to indirect effects through the diffusion of ideas and populists’ effect on the party system. The two papers in the… Read More »Mainstreaming Populism

The Psychology of Populism

Speaker: Gijs Schumacher (University of Amsterdam) and Rodolfo Sarsfield (Autonomous University of Queretaro) As populists often operate using emotional messages and try to convince their audiences beyond simple issue positions the psychology of populism received more and more attention. How and why do we react to populist messages? Why do the appeal to some but… Read More »The Psychology of Populism