Call for new editorial team for The Populism Seminar

The Populism seminar is looking for a new editorial team with fresh and powerful ideas to maintain and further the seminar’s place in the community. The Populism Seminar is a fortnightly online seminar on the latest research on populism in political science. The seminar’s central aim is to create an environment for scholars of all career stages to present and discuss their state-of-the-art work.

After successfully establishing the series, the founding editors, Annika Werner, Robert A. Huber, Maurits Meijers and Andrej Zaslove, would like to hand the series over to the next generation while staying active as support for the incoming team. Therefore, in cooperation with the Extremism and Democracy Standing Group at ECPR, we call for expressions of interest to join the editorial team of the Populism Seminar.

We are asking those who are interested to outline their ideas on how to develop the series further and what distinctive strategies they have in mind to keep this an innovative and interesting part of the populism research community. The statement should be brief and accompanied by your CV. Expressions of interest from teams or individuals are welcome.

Please send your expression of interest to by October 15.